Carbon Catch-up: Nature or Tech solutions? How to build a carbon removal strategy

Join an insightful webinar with Katharine Hayhoe from The Nature Conservancy and Brian DiMarino from JPMorgan Chase & Co. From nature to tech-based solutions, learn how to navigate the complex landscape of carbon removal and build a robust strategy that aligns with your net zero aspirations. Key questions to be explored: Why is it crucial […]

Webinar: Biodiversity – linking the TNFD to your business strategy

In response to the impending crisis of biodiversity loss, businesses and organizations are facing a pressing demand for proactive measures and streamlined practices. The newly introduced TNFD (Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) framework presents a methodical approach for companies to evaluate and communicate their impact on biodiversity. This is pivotal not only for the […]

Defining Sustainability Leadership

GlobeScan and The SustainAbility Institute by ERM extend a warm invitation to you for an upcoming webinar scheduled on September 6 at 11am New York / 4pm London. The focal point of this session will be an exploration of the prevailing landscape of sustainability leadership. During this event, we will delve into the insights gleaned […]

MSCI in practice: Managing your portfolio’s carbon footprint and understanding the impact of changing market conditions

In order to comprehend and gauge the carbon footprint of a portfolio as well as its fluctuations over time, a fundamental underpinning is established. This foundation serves as the basis for regulatory reporting, engagement with stakeholders, evaluations of climate-related risks, and the formulation of climate strategies and initiatives. Alterations in the carbon footprints of portfolios […]

Wall Street Journal – The Future of Energy

New innovations — from electric vehicles to hydrogen technologies — have upended the energy industry, while volatile prices, global conflict and extreme weather events have complicated consumers’ access to traditional energy sources. On September 7, The Wall Street Journal’s complimentary event, The Future of Energy, will take a look at what’s ahead for the energy sector, […]

The financial costs and impacts of climate change

Joining Moody’s and McKinsey in a virtual round table discussion is an opportunity for participants to delve into the realm of assessing physical risks to their tangible asset portfolios. By engaging in this dialogue, the attending teams can effectively appraise potential financial losses resulting from damages and operational interruptions. Moreover, the conversation will encompass the […]

5th annual ESG and Climate Risk Week

Hilton Bankside, London, UK. Hilton Bankside, London, United Kingdom

The 5th annual ESG and Climate Risk Week looks beyond ESG and climate risks to provide practical scenarios on how companies are strengthening their climate disclosure. With near-term target-setting and action-planning, companies will align with global commitments to a just and inclusive low-carbon transition. It is the only risk event that convenes the whole market in one […]

Climate Week NYC

Climate Week NYC stands as the premier annual event in the realm of climate action, uniting around 400 events and activities within the expanse of New York City. Through a blend of physical, hybrid, and digital formats, this weeklong gathering draws together a diverse array of participants. This assembly includes business magnates, political trailblazers, community […]

Ripple Effect: Exploring the Impact of Water Risk on Credit

In a recent research report, Moody's highlighted that the impact of water management risks on credit is poised to increase significantly. This escalation arises from the dual pressures of escalating water demand and the compounding effects of climate change, which particularly intensifies water scarcity in regions already under high water stress. The report identifies eight […]

Implementing the CSRD: Preparing for a New Era of ESG Disclosure

Join ERM and the SustainAbility Institute for a discussion about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The CSRD is the most far-reaching piece of legislation on ESG disclosure and raises many questions: Which companies will the Directive apply to and when? How will it impact the companies with subsidiaries in Europe? What steps should companies […]

Charging Forward: Battery Storage’s Evolving Supply Chains

Batteries will underpin the energy transition across transport and electricity generation. In this webinar, we will review the global battery supply chain, and the sector's role in a trillion-dollar industrial transformation. Discussion Topics: - Overview of the battery storage market - The global growth of battery cell manufacturing - Key features of the battery supply […]

Climate & Development Finance: What Works?

With the world moving from global warming to “global boiling,” to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’s dramatic description, there is more urgency than ever to unlock the capital needed for the transition to a net-zero economy. That will mean not only increasing funding commitments but also deploying financing for climate and sustainable development in the […]

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